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Experience Matters In Estate Planning

Many areas of the law look to the past. They try to figure out what happened and who was responsible for a problem. By contrast, estate planning looks to the future. It requires predicting what may happen in years to come, and tries to avoid potential problems long before they could ever become an issue.

For this and other reasons, estate planning is an area of the law where experience is important in a lawyer.

I am attorney Randy M. Lish, and since 1982 I have been helping clients with estate planning, Medicaid planning and probate, elder law, asset protection planning among other legal issues. I have seen how insufficient planning can lead to heartbreaking problems, and how a carefully made plan can build a legacy that lasts long into the future.

I bring that experience with me when I help clients. I learn about their goals, and I craft quality estate plans that can help them avoid potential pitfalls, reduce family conflict and stand up to legal scrutiny many years after they were first written.

In addition, I greatly value the long-term relationships I build with my clients and their families. Some of them have returned to me many times over the years in order to review their plans and to make changes that reflect new developments in their families. I have helped some families for decades.

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Randy M. Lish, Attorney at Law, has offices in Provo, Utah, and represents clients throughout the surrounding area.


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