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Randy M. Lish

Randy M. Lish

Attorney at Law

I have been helping people like you plan and administer their estates since 1982. And in that time, I’ve witnessed how intentional planning can do wonderful things for families and individuals. My practice focuses on estate planning, specializing in Medicaid planning, special needs planning, asset protection planning, probate, and elder law. When you come to me for help, I make it a priority to learn about your family’s circumstances. My aim is to put together a plan that will set your legacy family on the path toward success.
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I have decades of experience helping clients just like you.

When you draft a will or a trust, you create a document that will have to hold up to legal scrutiny for many years to come, which is why estate planning is an area of law where an attorney’s experience level is critical.

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I can advise you on options that are in your best interests.

No two estate plans are exactly alike. When you come to me for help with estate planning, I work with you to draft documents that reflect your own personal goals and set your loved ones down the path to success.

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I provide knowledgeable service at a reasonable cost.

I typically charge $400 for drafting a will for a married couple. Charges vary depending on complexity and other considerations, and I am always transparent about what matters require additional fees.

What to Expect During Your Estate Planning Sessions

Confidence in Your Future

Many misconceive estate planning as a task to tackle when they reach retirement, but I assure you that it is best to build a plan early on. Exercise your right to influence your family’s future by working with Provo, Utah's premier estate law attorney.

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Knowing Your Loved Ones Are Protected

Preparing for the rest of your life and beyond is no easy task, which is why I urge you to begin the process sooner rather than later. No matter your circumstances, and no matter how you got there, you deserve quality counsel to guide and support you in making pivotal decisions for your future.

Whether your goal is to draft up a will, begin the Medicaid planning process, explore the best trust options for your family, or simply get answers to your estate planning questions, my firm is here. I'm proud to serve Provo, Orem, Lindon, Spanish Fork, Springville, Saratoga Springs, Pleasant Grove, and Utah County, Utah.

I understand the importance of proper preparation. As an experienced Estate Law Attorney, I will help you at every step along the way. No matter what your case entails, I'm dedicated to providing realistic legal advice and putting you in a position to seek the best possible result.

The last thing I'd want is for your estate's fate to end up in the hands of a stranger when it's too late. Don't hesitate to contact me today to gain essential legal guidance in Provo, Utah. It's my aim to give you a sense of peace about your future so that you can enjoy living in the moment. Let’s start planning today.